As a third generation California native Jonathan’s careers have taken him across the globe and behind the scenes.

Right out of High School Jonathan enlisted in the United States Navy and became a Navy Deep Sea Diver enjoying deployments to the Mediterranean, South Pacific, and Middle East. Jonathan was a part of the first in water exchange of an Auxiliary Propulsion Unit on a Destroyer, which earned him and the unit recognition from the Navy. Jonathan was also recalled for Desert Storm and was deployed to the Mobile Diving Salvage Unit Pearl Harbor Hawaii. There he filled in for already deployed divers and prepared to deploy to the Persian Gulf to contend with the underwater concerns.

After a brief, but memorable employment with Disneyland Theme Park Security, Jonathan joined the ranks of the Los Angeles Police Department.  Shortly after being in the field, he was recruited to the Gang Unit (CRASH) in Watts for three years.  For the following fifteen years he worked the specialized Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) Unit. As apart of a rewarding career, Jonathan was instrumental in leading the Hazmat Unit from environmental crimes investigations to the premier chemical, biological, radiological investigators the Unit is today.  Jonathan became a Federal Bureau of Investigation Marshall and FBI Hazmat team member, attending all the exclusive FBI WMD schools along with countless others.  Jonathan also used his Navy Diver training as apart of the volunteer LAPD dive team for ten years of his career.  Jonathan has many proud moments and accomplishments in the Hazmat Unit such as:  Co-Founder Consortium of Technical Responders (CTR), Inventor of the Rapid Threat Assessment Kit (RTAK – field microscope kit design to detect biological agents in the field- recipient of several stated and local awards), Co-chair State Preventative Radiological Detection Committee, Co-creator of the Automated Capabilities and Equipment database (ACE- is currently utilized in the Army National Guard WMD response teams to track states resources), and developed the first of its kind underwater radiological detection team utilizing re-breather technology. Those are but a few of his milestones, Jonathan is most proud of his relationships and the opportunities this career provided. From the Oscars and Emmy’s to large-scale incidents with global implications, the constant challenges made his career unforgettable.  During this trying time in US history Jonathan is most proud of his position as man in the middle of getting the job done, not talking about it or cheer-leading, but physically and mentally answering the call.  After 20 years of service it was time for him to change his career and focus locally in business and family.

Jonathan formed an Environmental Security consulting company based on the demand for his specialized expertise. Consulting and education has always been one of Jonathan’s passions, taking the hard knock lessons of the real world and applying it to solve problems or educate others.  From custom designed military exercises, to elaborate diving scenarios, to classroom lecturer, and infrastructure design, problem solving with experience is a benefit of his life’s endeavours.  Collaborating has been the backbone of Jonathan’s success and proves to be one of the single most important tools in solving issues in the world of environmental security.  Understanding the strengths and more importantly the weaknesses of the public safety community has made him ideally suited to solve problems facing the private sector today.

In 2010 Jonathan and his wife purchased a Scuba store in Long Beach California that has been transformed into a thriving Scuba and Swim facility known as Deep Blue.  The values of a good business ethic and commitment have proven to be a receipt for success.  Doing what you love doesn’t hurt either.

 The experiences that make Jonathan who he is today are amplified by his travels abroad. Five weeks in Africa, journeys through Europe, Canada, Central America and many other places, provides the necessary perspective to look at the big picture.  As a veteran, public servant, business man, traveller, and most importantly husband and father, Jonathan has the experience and character to solve problems big and small, and the humility to reach out and create true collaborations and lasting solutions.


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